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Chen Yujun陈彧君&Chen Yufan陈彧凡

Chen Yujun's practice centres around the process of exploring the complex cross-cultural phenomenon. Just like the process of drawing a mosaic, Chen uses images of various Asian cultures and Oriental icons together in order to create a parallel world, outside of the reality we are familiar with. He has worked on his "Asia Map" series for over a decade, during this journey the work evolved freely without the constraint of time or a set format. It is the process of assembling the artist's fragmented memories together to construct an entire world of psychological landscape.  


1976 Born in Putian, Fujian Province, China. 1999 Graduated from China Academy of Art. He currentely lives and works in Shanghai. 

The collaboration between BMCA and the two brothers Chen Yujun and Chen Yufan dates back to the planning which was leading into the comprehensive „Mulan River“ Project at Petah Tikva Museum of Art Israel in 2017. Their childhood left an impressionable mark on the two artists, resulting in a body of work fraught with introspective self-reflection and domesticity. 

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