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"The Decameron. BMCA Documenting Art" has been published at the occasion of the exhibition project curated by Cui Cancan in 2016. The exhibition took place on different locations in and around Caochangdi, Beijing.


„An exhibition such as this could only take place in Beijing. It has a thick accent that is interwoven with the fantasy and reality of this land. Beijing is a giant imperceptible stage in the fading light of day, possessing its own inherent order, as well as experiments that resist it. The modernity and cheapness concealed under the smog of day produce dreams in massive quantities, and generate desire and degeneracy as well. On the other end of the day, an ancient, cold eye observes quietly as night attacks the city with the same rapacity. 

The light that keeps us from our adventures is, in our eyes, darkness. It is only after the light of day that the sky truly begins to brighten. There are many bright days ahead. The sun is but a star.“  


Cui Cancan, 2016

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