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Wang Yang王洋_Young Man—Lao Ju, 2013, Color pencil and ink on paper, 34x27cm_56A2255.JPG

Wang Yang 王洋

Wang Yang is interested in exploring the unique artistic language to interpret the world around him. His practice focuses mainly on painting and performance. The most important part of his work is 'No Survivors' - a performance practice consisted of comic duo-dialogue (crosstalk) by Wang Yang and the artist Zong Ning. Formed in 2012 by the two artists, No Survivors is a multi-disciplinary, multi-practice collective. 

Their practice revolves around public interventions and performances. They use the traditional Chinese performing style of crosstalk to transform their interactions into a form of art criticism. This has become their unique way to interpret the world, as well as to express their viewpoint. 


Wang Yang was born in 1982. In 2007, he graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Currently he works and lives in Beijing.

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