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Yang Gang 杨罡

Museum Liaunig Artist

Yang Gang's current work revolves around the practice of contemporary art creation and the planning of art projects on the "self-organization" platform. Through various media such as painting, video, language, ready-made works and performance interventions, Yang Gang discusses the changes in the rhetorical structure of the contemporary everyday symbolic system that have caused changes and redistribution in human sensibility. In 2021, the artist began to initiate local "self-organised" art initiatives and spatial projects, co-founding the contemporary art and curatorial platform "Delta INST", and working in an interdisciplinary and cross-contextual way on "art-spatial", "art-space", and "art-medium". The project is an interdisciplinary and cross-contextual approach to the practice and response to issues related to "art-space", "art-reality" and "art-walking", and will open a permanent offline space project in 2023 The concept of GODOWN is a metaphor for the re-emphasis of 'alternative space' in the exhibition mechanism of contemporary art, and the 'godown' of contemporary art space in the commercial logic of the work. It is both a response to the global phenomenon of the colonisation of contemporary art. It is both a parody and a response to the global phenomenon of the colonisation of contemporary art, and at the same time proves the ineffectiveness of the meaning of space from another perspective, i.e. the first site where art takes place is not in a predetermined place. Yang Gang's works are therefore constantly concerned with repositioning and searching for the complexity and diversity of the 'first site' of art happening today in a way that connects the 'sense of reality' with the 'sense of the world'. Yang Gang's works have been exhibited in many national and international exhibitions.

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