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Guan Yinfu 关音夫

In Guan Yinfu’s works, the pigment turns from a color to an object which is composed of color, volume, and weight. In his works, colors have volume and weight, and the contact, overlap, and permeation of different color blocks bring slight changes to them.

Guan's works are neither figurative nor abstract, nor are they conceptual objects or installations. He is indifferent to the division of these concepts and their boundaries. What matters for him is the way in which individual expressions travel and transform. He believes that good work should have a strong spiritual element that reflects contemporary thinking and vital energy through both its form and content. The artist works with a diverse range of mediums including acrylic & household paint, oil paint, coating, black coal and stainless steel. Guan frequently uses the materiality of the medium chosen in his works without being confined by this materiality. Despite their "material-centric" appearance the artist has always aimed to convey a wide range of inner spirituality.


1975 Born in Qiqiha’er, Heilongjiang province, China 

2002-Graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, Theatre Arts department, Stage Design major. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

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