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Huang Min 黄敏

A visit in the studio of Huang Min is overwhelmed by the variety of fascinating works, where recent paintings are right next to very early drawings, porcelain objects, painted wooden boxes or samples of different materials, photographs and memorabilia, all of which seem to contribute to the artist's constantly renewing oeuvre.

The collaboration between Ofer Levin and his team with Huang Min began in 2014 and has so far resulted in a systematic documentation and reappraisal of the work of the painter, born in 1975, in addition to two exhibition projects (The Future is the Past, 2014 in Vienna and Myth, 2015 in Beijing).


The last two years around the pandemic, the endless lockdowns and the lack of international exhibitions and exchange within the art world formed a vacuum around the studio of Huang Min. Undisturbed by outside influences and undeterred in their will to develop the work further, she produced incredibly exciting, strong large scale paintings, next to a new series of wooden boxes that mysteriously she transformed into her esthetic language. 


BMCA has a valuable body of work by Huang Min: large format paintings, porcelain works, different series of works on paper, including intimate erotic drawings. Her oeuvre in BMCA Collection is spanning several creative periods.  


Huan Min's work manifests itself over the years in a remarkable density of high-quality works. The artist has always refused to identify herself with a single technique. From the beginning, she worked in different media. Over the years, an oeuvre of now internationally renowned works has emerged, which, despite a wide variety of image carriers, identify themselves through their unmistakable signature. 


Her work is probably most distinguished by its wide range of themes. The trademark is the strong population of people, or anonymous passers-by, who become part of the surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, porcelain through painting or drawed brushstrokes. Her protagonists look from within the work, at certain cultural icons - or just at the street. Huang Min never seems to shy away from new means of expression, on the contrary: she always surprises the viewers of her works anew by the pictorial contents she chooses.

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