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The Raising Flags Project
Cao Shu & Sun Xun, with museum in progress

For raising flags, 26 international artists designed flags that are being presented since 1 May 2023 for about six months in a culmination area near the Wien River, on the Stubenbrücke, at numerous locations in Vienna, in virtual exhibition spaces online ( and in media spaces of newspapers and magazines. raising flags is a Vienna project by museum in progress that remeasures urban space and cannot be overlooked by its striking presence.

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Left: Raising Flags - Sun Xun. Video: Kaspar Mühlemann Hartl, Copyright: museum in progress, 2023. Right: Raising Flags - online - Cao Shu

The first project phase of raising flags is titled "Nation flags of Ideas" and deals with questions of social coexistence in challenging times. museum in progress has reclaimed a place for art, the Stubenbrücke, which for many years was characterised by the lemur heads of Franz West. Along the Vienna River to Oskar Kokoschka-Platz, the public space will be made visible as an art zone in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts.

The second part of the flag project starting from August questions "The essence of wind and the wind of change". Until the end of the project in autumn, raising flags will gradually be on display at numerous other locations. Institutions, companies, but also private individuals who have the means to display a flag in a publicly visible way are invited to participate in the project.

Text: museum in progess

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