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Myth was an exhibition curated by Wei Xing at White Box Museum in 2015. This exhibition presented over 30 works of art by 26 artists, consisting of video art, photography, installation, sculpture, painting and other forms of artistic expression. The exhibition seeks to restore the spiritual and mysterious realm of primitive myths by creating unique interactions between the artworks in a dark space - it is an exhibition that inquires and reflects on the mythological phenomena in contemporary art today. 


What is mythology?Mythology is the early system of beliefs of human civilization. The Dawn of Time in China and Genesis of the Judeo-Christian Traditions are both examples of creation mythology. Myths shape our understanding of the link between humans and nature. They also constitute the original memory of nations and human history.


Myth, as an exhibition of contemporary art, not only reflects on the forms and content of contemporary myths, but actively engages in the creation of new contemporary mythology. 

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Installation Views

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