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Lyu Xiaokai 吕晓凯 _Mr.TaylorEven if I accept your sweetness…泰勒先生:即使我接受了你的甜蜜…,2023,Oil on can

Lyu Xiaokai 吕晓凯 

Lyu’s first creative concept unfolds according to history, his action inertia is an special impulse to historicize (rearrange, reinterpret, re-neglect-forget) .Lyu believes the crux of the matter is that which is unforgettable, and because it is unforgettable (Don't ignore that all modern devices have the property of stockpiling memory), we will eventually run wild on this modernity road all the way to the end. The weight of history is the heaviest of all histories at the present time, and this generation will be the best generation in history class.But this "good" is a kind of generalization, and the excessive perception of history causes the loss of the sense of history.


In Lyu’s case,the formation of a sense of history is accidental.Paved, and the de-chronization of the excessive feeling of history makes this accidental no longer exist. The sense of history will be transformed from a unique perception to a universal feeling and universal awareness. For this reason, Lyu present personalized, reordered, and re-neglected-forgotten sensory material to the public through art, hoping to leave a trace of the contingent nature of the process of forming a sense of history.


Lyu’s second creative concept/logic unfolds according to Consumption and waste. Lyu believes that the development of modernity depends on the amount of waste that people waste in consumption, and these reflections come together in the series "American Whip".This waste is not only on a transactional level, but also on a symbolic and spiritual level.The issues discussed in this series are multi-dimensional, including the alienation of utilitarian objects in consumption (the bullwhip becomes a sadistic tool, and in consumption it evolves into an exclusive object for classic characters such as Catwoman), as well as the discussion of people's masochism in front of consumption, etc.


If we sum up Lyu’s concept in one sentence,is he thinks the most meaningful series of actions of this era is to resist, fail and leave a mark.The same can be said for the previous works on history, as well as these works on the "American Whip". Although art can no longer address any of the root causes, his work is still meaningful in the sense of presenting failure and leaving a mark of resistance.


And on the issue of style and technique in creation, he had this to say:“I like to hide my technique and style in my paintings, because for my current work, it is enough to keep the texture of the material in the painting, and in my current state, I am using the method of ‘Installation Art’ to complete the painting.”

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