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The Realism of Hallucination - Zhang Wenrong 
Curated by Wei Xing
2014.06.08 -- 2014.06.16
Today Art Museum Beijing

Why does the easel art is needed nowadays? Its existence was questioned after the appearance of photography in the middle and late 19th century in France. But in an age of modernism, varies schools advance the painting language and expression, such as post-impressionism, fauvism, cubism, surrealism, expressionism, abstract art, abstract expressionism, graffiti and so on. Painting is more focused on the expression of human spirit and psychological activity instead of representation and realism. So the proposition that questions the rational existence of the painting becomes less useful.


In the 21st century, even the information technology and biotechnology expand people's cognitive experience into an unprecedented dimension, and contemporary art  has come to depend more and more on concept, technology and new media. We still have to admit that easel painting does not loss its glamour. It can still provide an effective and classical way to watch, understand and feel, which is related to human being’s most basic and simplest emotion and psychological needs.


When we need to look for examination and introspection about ourselves, and when we sink into memory and our inner spiritual world, the two-dimensional images,  provided by painting, which is as the projection of the real world beneath artists’ psychological perspective, allow us to peep and probe deeply into the change of psychological world in this relatively static relationship, in which we can also find ourselves.

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Installation Views

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