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Olivier Hölzl

Olivier Hölzl, also known as LIVIL, is a contemporary artist known for his multi-sensory art. He finds solace in art amidst the digital deluge and his diverse techniques mirror our fast-paced era. His work includes light installations, sculptures, performances, paintings, video art, and more.

One of his unique works is his assemblages, which tell unique stories reflecting consumer behaviors and interests. These assemblages are made from objects sourced from friends and ordered online globally, illustrating the absurd diversity of a globalized marketplace. Each assemblage narrates consumer behaviors, sourced globally to illustrate the absurd diversity of the marketplace.

 Hölzl's work has been exhibited globally, from China to France, offering a unique reflection of contemporary times. He began to experiment with stencils due to his enthusiasm for Banksy. His work often reflects the overwhelming daily influx of disjointed information, contributing to the human tendency to grasp for coherence in the chaos. 

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