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Sommerausstellung Museum Liaunig, ORF, 03.05.2024, German

All Along The Coastline, performance @BMCA Storage, 10.04.2024

Licht schafft Atmosphäre: Kunst trifft Innovation im Museum Liaunig, LEDVANCE, 1’54”, 19.07.2023, German

If Trouble Was Money, mü, 27.05.2023, German

BMCA Artist Conversations: Huang Min, Chinese/English

BMCA Artist Conversations: Zhang Wenrong, Chinese

Museum Liaunig, 3sat, 1 Min, 20.06.2023, German

Follow the Rabbit, Museum Liaunig, ORF, 2:32 Min, 20.05.2023, German

BMCA Artist Conversations: Ma Jun, Chinese/English

Safety Curtain Installation Process - museum in progress

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