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Li Hui 李晖 

As a conceptual artist, Li Hui (1977-2020) has worked in diverse mediums including transparent neon-lit acrylic sculptures („The moment of confusion“, 2015, BMCA Collection) and laser beams.


He visualized the uniqueness and new boundaries of the new age of Chinese New Media art in his sculptures. With the help of most modern techniques, Li Hui articulated considerations and an almost poetic aura surround the result.

He created three-dimensional sculptures and installations, generally out of powerful materials. His works generate surreal atmospheres, as for example in the overall known work „Dissociative Truth“ (held by BMCA Collection) with its prehistoric-looking skeletons, growing out of a vehicle. According to the artist, these environments are to be regarded as references to Buddhist philosophy, which says that when opposites collide, something new is created.

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