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Follow the Rabbit​ 
Taking stock of a collection and its reception through contemporary Chinese art

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Collaboration: museum in progress 
Safety Curtain 2022/23,Cao Fei, The New Angel

Journeys back to Europe. Huang Min

Ma Jun. True Porcelain 
Encounters in Munich: Hubertus Hamm, Felix Rehfeld, Martin Spengler

The Future is the Past

Mulan River

Vienna Art Week 2014

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1’54”, 19.07.2023, German

1 Min, 20.06.2023, German

27.05.2023, German


17:25, 15.05.2023, German

2:32 Min, 20.05.2023, German


Interview with Huang Min, Chinese, English

Interview with Ma Jun, Chinese, English

Production: OKTO | Editorial: Katharina Obermayer | Camera: Jakub Han

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