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Red Huemer

Bark, metal, conglomerate, marble, oil paint…. music. Red Huemer works primarily with sculpture and paintings, creating pieces that often incorporate modern and abstract elements.The work’s play with balancing a critical view of socio-critical topics with a strong dose of humor. His work is known for exploring different materials and forms, resulting in unique and thought-provoking pieces.

Red Huemer aka (dj)Audio Red’s pulls from their involvement in Vienna’s electronic scene and failed career as a basketball player in an effort to create a discourse around the fast paced shifts in contemporary culture.  

He is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the class of Prof. Julian Göthe. The work has been shown at Belvedere 21 (Vienna), Parallel Vienna, Kunstverein Halle an der Saale, Munich….. Red Huemer is based in Vienna and Gmunden.  

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