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Luo Xinzi 罗心紫 

Luo Xinzi is an artist working in painting, sculpture, performance, and publicly engaged art. Interested in exploring the porous fluidity and multitude of relationships between individuals and communities, Luo Xinzi’s studio and social praxis engage with the idea and construction of utopia, seeking to decentralize and redefine preconceived hierarchical boundaries.


Since 2020, Xinzi became a core member in art group Mephistofele, and played a pivotal role in organizing and initiating publicly engaged social performances. Initiatives revolve around creating fleeting ideal homes to offer people a temporary escape from reality. Her painting extracts scenes from the archive of her social performance and interweaves both real and imaginary spaces in the image. She also use diverse materials to condense feelings, intuition, and logic. Using everyday objects that reflect individual’s life trajectories to emphasizes the sanctity of everyday scenes.

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