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Zhang Wuyun 张武运

Zhang Wuyun's works form a series of entrances. The contents depicted in the paintings do not radiate energy outwards from the depicted objects but rather attract and draw the viewer's attention inwards into a specific context. The painter's restrained and meaningful brushstrokes, as well as the various shades, guide the viewer and establish these various contexts. These techniques are undoubtedly precise and effective, like the power contained in a drawn bow, or the subtle purple colour that appears when a seed sprouts.

In these works, the emotions generated by the colours and brushstrokes are controlled within a middle ground. This middle ground is relative, but because it has enough leeway on both ends, it has the ability to guide and navigate with ease between the grand and the small, and this ease makes the works rich and self-sufficient.


These landscapes present the painter's meditative gaze on the ordinary things around him, yet they are not depictions of each individual moment in time and space, but rather lingering images from long observation in his consciousness and memory. The emphasis on the visual angle of looking up or down corresponds to an actor who is watching and experiencing. When facing the work, the viewer can temporarily play the role of this virtual actor. At this point, the viewer is not just appreciating and identifying, but participating in the special context provided by the painter, shuttling between different times, spaces, and subjects, examining and experiencing their own position and situation within it.

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