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Yang Hongwei 杨宏伟

Yang Hongwei has been engaged in printmaking creation for 20 years. After graduation, he taught at Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has delicate and perseverant working attitude. His works reflect his mind. Each exhibition of his works demonstrates his possibility of improvement in the printmaking field. 

Yang Hongwei has been making prints for nearly 20 years. His works are concerned with the awe-inspiring natural world and show a high level of confidence and refinement in his handling. The creation of each piece involved long, arduous commitment and constant self-challenging, through which he builds different narratives and expands the ancient art form of printmaking into new territories. 

Using Wood Engraving as his primary technique, Yang expresses and improvises freely through the contact between a knife and a wood surface, highlighting the inherent quality which he calls "wood-ness". He believes that printmaking is about understanding the material through the communication between the artist and the wood panel. In his own words: "The language of printmaking is realised in turning the accidental into a constant reality. " 


Yang Hongwei was born in 1968 in Tianjin, China. In 1994, he graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts with BA degree; He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with MA degree in 2008; He gained  Ph. D in Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. 

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