Ongoing Exhibition

On Friday, August 12, the exhibition "TRUE PORCELAIN" opens at "Pfeufer 38" with objects by the Chinese artist Ma Jun ⻢军 and three Munich artists: Hubertus Hamm, Felix Rehfeld, Martin Spengler who are, every one of them reflecting a certain aspect of Ma Jun’s oeuvre in their works. This exhibition is presented by Blue Mountain Art Collection (BMCA) in collaboration with Pfeufer38.

The exhibition at Pfeufer38 will showcase 12 porcelain works together with one of the 2 „Porcelain Cars“ in spectacular size. All works from the holdings of BMCA Collection. The confrontation of Ma Jun’s objects with works by the 3 renown Munich artists will raise new ways of interpretation - of the Chinese and of the western approach.


Past Exhibitions

Journeys Back To Europe
Curated by Alexandra Grimmer

2022.09.04 - 2022.09.11
whiteBOX, Munich

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