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Eröffnung: 8. März 2024, 18.00
Loft 8 Galerie, Radetzkystraße 4, 1030 Wien, Austria  
Ausstellungsdauer: 8.3.2024 bis 23.3.2024
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 14.00-18.00, Sa 11.00-15.00

Gravity's Rainbow

Nie Shiwei 聂世伟 / Wang Lei 王垒

Video Screening

Wednesday, November 29, 17:00: Cao Shu 曹澍 | Thursday, November 30, 19:00: Yi Lian 易连 

@Atelier Suterena, Esteplatz 8 (Eingang Geusaugasse) 1030 Wien

For raising flags, 26 international artists designed flags that will be presented from 1 May for about six months in a culmination area near the Wien River, on the Stubenbrücke, at numerous locations in Vienna, in virtual exhibition spaces online and in media spaces of newspapers and magazines. raising flags is a Vienna project by museum in progress that remeasures urban space and cannot be overlooked by its striking presence.

BMCA is honoured to partner with museum in progress, sponsoring Cao Shu 曹澍 and Sun Xun 孙逊 in the raising flags project, 2023.


@Museum Liaunig

30.04.2023 - 29.10.2023

with BMCA artists

Blue Mountain

Contemporary Art

c/o O.L. Holdings S.à.r.l.

205, Route d'Arlon

L-1150 Luxembourg

T: +352 28 80 18



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