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Zhang Wenrong 张文荣

„Where do we come from? Where should we go? These questions have been bothering us for centuries. All sorts of religious sects from East to West have tried to offer clear answers: do not think death is the end of life, we don’t understand the unknown world waiting for us, either heaven or hell“. (Zhang Wenrong in a comment in 2018)

Zhang Wenrong's easel paintings are delicate and ambiguous, narrating the complex relationship between an individual and fast-changing China, world concerns, and the myriad of confusion around us. His work attempts to tackle difficult issues without following a straightforward storyline. Recently, the artist turned to animation and created works such as "Prison", which employed a combined language of image and sound to present a portrait of our time. In 'Water', a recently completed large-scale project, more than 12,000 people participated in the process. Through this lively interaction, the artist explored the unpredictabilities of the situation and opened up a fresh new way of artmaking.


Zheng Wenrong was born in 1982 in Gansu Province,China. 2006 He gradutaed from Sichuan Academy of Fine Art in 2006, currently live and work in Beijing.  

"Territory" 《狱》手稿

Mixed media on paper, charcoal on paper, acrylic on glass

28 x 38 cm, 26 x 35 cm, 84 x 119 cm

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