Jin Shan 金闪

Jin Shan is an agent provocateur. Preferring wit and satire to aggression and conflict, his work uses humor and play to draw audiences into a confrontation with the social, cultural and political problems of the day. While specifically describing aspects of contemporary China, his investigation of human motivation extends beyond national boundaries to the seemingly insatiable desire for power programmed into humanity’s DNA. 

Jin Shan’s art practice mainly includes paintings and video works. The focus of his practice has moved from performance art to the recent 2D works.  Different from a conventional academic style, Ou Ning uses his eclectic, creative observations and subtle expression of physical instincts to create a unique visual language. Jin draws inspiration from a wide range of subjects including the Fluxus movement, Kafka's novels, Chinese history, Buddhist murals, and puns encountered in daily life. The work has a rough and free style and is highly recognisable. In a unique visual language, he explores the connection between personal emotions and the history of painting traditions.

Jin Shan 金闪 , born in 1976 in Zhejiang, China. He currently lives in Hangzhou.

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